Illustration Course

I’m often asked about how to get started in illustration, and how to get published. There’s no magic wand of course, but in order to answer some of those questions I’m teaching a course in Children’s Book Illustration for ages 15+. The course consists of six weekly sessions and covers finding your style, story telling through pictures, planning your book, page layout, commercial illustration techniques, digital retouching, marketing and a guide to publishing. There’s plenty of drawing exercises designed to help you out of your comfort zone. Whilst I can’t get you a publishing deal, I can tell you what publishers look for and I can show you how to self-publish. At the end of the course it’s quite possible that you’ll have a book in print.
I first ran this course in December 2011, and one of the students, Julia Rigby, published her beautiful book…so it works.
It’s not necessary to be an accomplished artist, but you will need enthusiasm and there’s homework!
I’m repeating this course starting November 1st 2012. It’s then on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and Dec 3rd 2012 at
Artscape, 8 Marlborough Park, Southdown Road, Harpenden Herts AL5 1PW from 7-9pm.

It costs £225, and doesn’t include whatever materials are needed due to the wide variety of techniques you may wish to try.However Artscape will be open so you can get whatever you need there and then. It’s fun, informal and I hope, inspiring.

If you would like to come or if you’d like to know more, please ring 07974 983433 or email me on