School Visits

I often do school visits and love being with children who know my work. My visits take the form of showing how I illustrate my books starting with my pencil roughs and finishing with handing round some finished paintings for the children to look at close up. Then I show the tools of my trade…pens, paints etc. Finally  ask the children to come up with a story of their own, which I then draw for them on a flip chart or OHP. Schools have told me this is a great literacy aid and I know from my own experience that this is very popular, with lots of ideas being shouted out while I sketch away like crazy. Children have fantastic imaginations and it’s great fun drawing them. Of course I leave behind these drawings and any books I may read out.

I charge £450 for two 1-hour group sessions. It works best if each group is not much more than 45 pupils. Please contact me if you’d like to book a visit.